Bartender Spotlight Series - Craig Schiedlo

May 17th, 2017

Today we’ll be talking to Craig Schiedlo. He’s a Bartender and good friend from our USBG NY chapter.

  • Next time on the Bartender Journey Podcast a lot more about the United States Bartender’s Guild James Menite, who is the vice president of our local USBG NY chapter. We’ll talk about some of the great benefits of joining and also about his job – bartending at the the iconic Plaza Hotel.

Cocktail of the Week - from our guest on the show this week – Craig Schiedlo
The Wind Tunnel:

  • 2oz Cedar Ridge Rye
  • 1/2 oz Marie Brizzard Anissete
  • 3/4 oz Lemon Juice
  • 3/4 oz Simple Syrup
  • Orange Flower Water.
    Strain over a Collins glass garnished with a lemon wheel anise star and a spray of orange flower water.

Book of the Week:
The World of Spirits and Cocktails: The Ultimate Bar Book 2011
by André Dominé

Amazon Review:
“This book thought me more than I imagined it would. It got me through some of those Customer interactions that I knew we're coming my way. It filled my brain up with facts and information that I would not have found elsewhere.

Unfortunately, this book is out of print and its about $85 on Amazon! But maybe try The Bar Book, or The Complete Cocktail Manual: 285 Tips, Tricks, and Recipes

Bar Institue:

One Fair Wage Campaign

  • According to com:
    “The restaurant industry is America’s fastest growing economic sector; it's also among it’s lowest paying. Tipped workers are paid a separate, lower minimum wage that starts at $2.13 an hour at the federal level — a rate that hasn’t changed since 1991.”
  • “Although employers are legally required to “top off” a tipped worker’s pay when tips don’t add up to at least the minimum wage, enforcement is so lax and disorganized that wage theft has reached epidemic levels.”


One point that was brought up at Bar Institute was that many consumers are now interested in where their food (and beverage) was grown - was it organic, local, even how were the farm workers treated & paid enough? Maybe the conversation about “how are the restaurant workers treated and are they paid enough?” will open up.

There is a well known shortage of good bartenders, so just please make sure you are getting paid what you are worth…obviously being a real asset to the establishment puts you in a good spot. Find out more

Apparently its World Gin Day on Saturday June 10, 2017. On the next show we’ll talk all about gin with Tristan Stephenson, who has a new book called Gin Palace.


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