On the Bartender Journey Podcast this week, Vince talks about how he dealt with a patron who sat at his bar ALL night long, annoying the other guests.

Also, Vano raises a glass and "drinks like a gentleman to honor a gentleman".  Vano's story about a classy guest who drank Wild Turkey comes up again.
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This week on the Bartender Journey Podcast, Vince talks to Bourbon expert Patrick Garrett.  Great talk about Bourbon bargains, Bourbon Cocktails and general Bourbon knowledge.

Also, Vince talks about a "not so generous Walter White looking dude" that he served at the bar, and  the "shaken vs. stirred" controversy. 

Lots of great Bartending talk on the Podcast this week!
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This week on The Bartender Journey Podcast, Vano talks about his trip to the ultimate Trade Show for the Nightclub & Bar Industry.
Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue fame, runs this inspiring, educational and fun event.  Vano talks about what he learned and experienced at the show.  He came back from the show empowered & inspired!
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Lots more great Bartending talk this week!

SPAR:  Situation, Problem, Action, Result.  How can you use this acronym to get a great Bartending Gig?
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On the Bartender Journey Podcast #60, it the continuation of the interview with Bar Owners Brian & Briania.

We talk about bar promotions, shooters and lots of other bar management issues, including the tricky issue of bartenders drinking behind the bar.
Join us for lot of great bartending talk!
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This week on the Bartender Journey Podcast, Vince & Vano talk to bar owners Brian & Brianna.

We talk about the qualities owners look for in their Bartenders.  Brian also asks what owners do that bugs Bartenders.
Bar security comes up a lot this week too.  What's the best way to deal with unruly guests?
Log books are a great way to keep track of the day to day goings on in the bar.  
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On the Bartender Journey Podcast this week, Vince and Vano were inspired by an article in the NY Times.  The secret vocabulary of Bartenders is exposed!

Why is it so important to say "Behind you!" when passing by another Bartender's station?

What's the secret code for "people taking up space and not spending any money"?

Its someone's Birthday?  Ring the bell!

The Secret Language of Bartenders inspired great talk about Bartending on the podcast this week!
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Its the Bartender Journey Podcast Episode #57.

There is nothing worse as a bartender than loosing control of the situation.  On the show this week, Vince and Vano talk about how to keep the upper hand in your bar, while still making sure all your guests have a great time.

Vano tells a great story about how he kept control of his bar when two patrons were getting close to a confrontation.
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On the Bartender Journey Podcast this week, we interview an awesome Bartender with many years of experience.

We talk about everything from how to land a gig as a Bartender to training and cutting people off.

Its another week of great Bartending talk!
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On the Bartender Journey Podcast this week Vince & Vano talk about how to stimulate conversation at the bar. 

Conversation starters can come from anywhere -- you need to be prepared.  Picking up a copy of Reader's Digest might be just the thing to get everybody talking!

Sometimes the conversations can get DEEP!  How is it best to deal with that?  The bartender can sometimes be the "Quarterback" of the conversation--throwing passes for the guests to run with!  

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