Summer Social

June 28th, 2017

It's the Bartender Journey Podcast No. 218 and as you know I’ll be attending Tales this year again but this time as a part of a panel titled: “Hot Mic: Podcasting for Bartenders”.


I’ll be presenting along with Kara Newman, our guest author on Podcast 193, Sother Teague, a friend and propritor of the new socially conscious bar, Coup, that donates all profits to charities and Damon Boelte, of Speakeasy Radio. Special thanks to our sponsor, Brooklyn Gin!


If you’re headed down, make sure to stop by my session, Wednesday morning and if not, why aren’t you going? We’ll make sure to post details both for Tales and session tickets on both our blog and Facebook page.


The Bartender Journey Podcast will be taking a production break for the next few weeks and will return with a full length episode on July 26th.


We have lots of great interviews already recorded, plus I’ll be collecting lots of great audio at Tales, including an interview with the great whiskey writer Lew Bryson.


Meanwhile, this week we’ll kick off the Bartender Journey Summer (School) Social and will be posting and sharing valuable content on our blog, and Facebook page, Bartender Journey Podcast on spirits education, cocktail competitions, industry events and more, especially during Tales. Make sure you follow Bartender Joueny on IG and FB.


If you would like to contribute in any way you can, by writing a piece for Bartender Journey, leaving a review on Apple Podcasts or sharing the show with a friend, we welcome your input. You can go to to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you and maybe feature something you wrote on BJ. There is also our Tip Cup page  If this show has helped you out at all or entertained you…if you’ve learned a little something, please consider contributing to our Tip Cup at /tipcup.


We will have another podcast for you on July 26, 2017. Lots more great content to come. 

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