What is Your Time Worth?

August 17th, 2016

Taking your skills to the next level as a bartender, bar manager or owner calls for cultivating your business mindset to help manage your time and tasks towards optimizing the bottom line.
Today we chat with Anjali Kundra, co-founder of Partender, Inc., a food and beverage company that asks the question: “How much is your time worth?”.

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Anjali combines her hospitality experience and entrepreneurial attitude to give us tips advocating empowering yourself, team members and focusing on while still having fun at work.

As mentioned in the Podcast, you can access the companion deck:
 *This Cocktail Hacker - A Lesson from Tech Startups: Finding your entrepreneurial spirit & ultimate success behind the bar (and beyond)
Thank you Anjali for the interview and thank you to Partender for supporting this podcast. To learn more how Partender can help you, click here.

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